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Use chanel-matrix when you should reinforce a fold line in the package, to facilitate handling during the gluing and filling of the package. Chanel-matrix are strips of plastic that is mounted on the crease of the punch form which is then transferred to the steel sheet by a punch in the punch. Milled pertinax has a similar installation method, but is a whole plate that covers all the creases on the cutting die in one piece. A milled cutting plate has channels milled in the back pressure plate, which chanel-matrix and milled pertinax typically attached on top.

Chanel Matrix

We provide chanel-matrix for all types of materials. This is the best solution for you who dies in corrugated cardboard, or who just punches products in short series. Kanalmatriser are affordable and easy to install.
We sell chanel-matrix either roll, or meters long, pieces in boxes.

Milled Pertinax

Select milled pertinax when you produce longer series of board products, and when there are higher demands on the final product. The fact that they only need to be installed once, and not before each run as the chanel-matrix, saves you setup-time for your most common jobs.
Our pertinax has a thickness of 0.4 mm up to 2.5 mm.

Milled Cutting Plate(counterplate)

For the absolute best creasing quality we also produce milled steel cutting plates. With this avoids the embossing effect on the reverse as chanel-matrix and milled pertinax provide. A steel cutting plate is durable, has been associated precision, and setup-time is the shortest of all three options.

Our cutting plates fits all machines in the market, and has the following hardness:

25 Hrc (soft)
35 Hrc (medium)
52-54 Hrc (hard)