Stripping tools


We manufacture stripping tools for all the machines on the market, from the simplest subplate to complete stripping tools with guillotine or blanking tool. Our many years of experience in stripping design means that we can help you get the best stripping, tailored to your specific machines and products. S-strip (also called Expertstrip from Bobst ), Marbastrip (from Marbach >), StripClip , and dynamic cleaning.


Developed by Boxplan (Bobst), the Expertstrip tool uses automatically mounted pins at various levels to strip all waist with high precision and balanced weight distribution. The pins are available in specialized variants depending on the task they have in the stripping, and the material that is diecutted.


Marbastrip are short rules (between 6 and 20 mm) with an angle in the foot to increase their stability, and are placed mainly in narrow slots where other solutions are too large or become too unstable. Marbastrips primarily complements the other three purification systems.


StripClip technology was developed by Vossen Profitec. The StripClip forks force through the waist, preventing the bit from coming back up again. This great security in stripping makes it possible to increase the speed of the machine without risk of material getting caught in the stripping tool. StripClip tools are also developed so that you do not have any lowerpins completely, which saves a lot of setting time.


In the dynamic stripping, the holes in the bottom plate are made smaller at strategic locations for the waist piece to be ejected with extra force. The waste is stripped with the help of bent rules and wooden blocks in larger areas.